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Sometimes it takes a while to really find your place. Be it a game, a craft, a sport, or a team. You try one thing and it doesn't quite fit. Than you try something else, maybe it is a bit better, but it is still not quite right. And you continue until you finally get the perfect fit. This is exactly how it has been in the development of Il-Mo Entity Trackers, otherwise known as Il-Mo. We have worked with other people investigating the paranormal, but they haven't exactly been what we were looking for. We tried with other teams, and even though we learned a lot, the perfect meshing just didn't happen. But it did give us what we needed to step away and form the team that we wanted. Our combined team may be new, but our investigators have many years searching for the evidence of life after death. Our team has extensive training in the use of the equipment needed to conduct an investigation and provide unexplained evidence of the paranormal. Our team members are comfortable with technology and learning new software and hardware, all to conduct the best investigation possible.
On these pages, you will be introduced to the investigations which we have been involved in over the years, as well as the investigations we will be conducting in the future. You will be introduced to the members of our team, so you will know who you are meeting when we arrive to conduct your investigation. You will have the opportunity to view the equipment that we will be using during our investigation. And at the conclusion of the investigation, you will be presented with all the evidence collected, including the historical aspects of your place of business or home. And if you do not wish for your investigation to be public, that is acceptable to us as well. We will still conduct the best possible investigation, and you will still receive all evidence and reports. It is entirely up to you, the client.
Some of our locations may be abandoned and left to the passage of time. Some may be historical locations, being restored to their original condition. And some of the locations may be the final resting place of the departed. All locations are treated with utmost respect at all times.
One thing you will not find on these pages is a line that tells you what you will see or hear. We want you, our readers, to draw your own conclusion instead of being influenced by what we hear. We do not feel that is a good indication of the evidence. We wish you to use your own senses to see or hear what we do. And we welcome any and all comments regarding the information and evidence collected on these pages.
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"Footsteps In The Dust"
From The CD "Out Of The Darkness" 2006
Used With Permission
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